CBCA Awards Foundation
Who looks after the CBCA Awards Foundation?

Committee of Responsible Persons

Julie Long OAM

appointed 2001

B.Ed CBCA National Board director, ACT CBCA Branch President, member ACT Children's Week Committee, volunteer for ACT Scouts, former reviewer for CBCA Reading Time and Book of the Year Award Coordinator and Judge

Megan Lavender

appointed 2020

BA, DipEd, ATCL, FSAE, FRMIA, FAIOP, AIMM, MAICD, MACE, MAHRI, AMAMI, APRIA, Afin, JP, Director on several NFP boards, Management Consultant

John Faulks

appointed 2021

BLL(Hons), Solicitor Supreme Court ACT, Adj. Professor UC, Mediator, former Deputy Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia. Board member NCACL

Joanne Gream

appointed 2018

BLL(Hons), BCom, BHlthSc(Hearing and Speech) Senior Legal Counsel CyberCX

Libby Gleeson AM

appointed 2022

Author of over forty titles and has won many national literary awards. Chair of WestWords, former Chair of ASA, Director of Copyright Agency

Professor Robyn Ewing AM

appointed 2022

AM, FACE, BEd(Hons)(Sydney), PhD(Sydney). Professor Emerita, Teacher Education and the Arts

Justine Power

Awards Foundation Manager 2014-

BSc, MTeach, GradDipRE, MEd, CertAcc,            ACT CBCA Branch Vice President/Treasurer, former CBCA National Board Director, former Chair ACT Duke of Edinburgh's Award 

The Awards Foundation also acknowledges

Former members of the Committee of Responsible persons

These people were previous members and we thank them for their tireless efforts to make the Awards Foundation what it is today.
Margaret Hamilton AM

2017 - 2022

Awards Foundation Manager 1996-2017

Dr Jill Bruce
2014 - 2022
June Smith AM


Awards Foundation Manager 1996-2011

Angela Briant


Rev John Cohan


Dr Belle Alderman AM


Other Members

Julie Wells 2010                                  Kim Coogan 2005-2006                        Judy Moss 2004                                Fiona Langford 2001 - 2004    

How it all started

Margaret Hamilton AM

Throughout the life of the CBCA Awards, a number of valued sponsors assisted with funding the monetary prizes. Prior to my term as National President in 1991 – 1992 and during my presidency, The CBCA enjoyed sponsorship from Myer. This amounted to $50,000.00 per year — $30,000 to pay as prizes to the winners and $20,000 for promotion and publicity. I had the pleasure of liaising and working with Myer, who supported their sponsorship with in-store promotions and a large event for the prize giving at the beginning of Book Week. Sadly, they did not renew this sponsorship. In the financial climate in the 1990s it became increasingly difficult to attract sponsorship. 

June Smith and I were committee members of the NSW Branch. June suggested one day that we should investigate setting up a foundation to raise funds to support the awards. This would make the CBCA completely independent and able to fund its own awards. I agreed, so we set about working on how we could do this. We both went to the National AGM in Brisbane and presented the proposal, which had already been accepted by the NSW branch.


In its golden anniversary year the CBCA National Council adopted the proposal to establish an Awards Foundation at the 1995 AGM in Brisbane. Margaret Hamilton (former National President) and June Smith (Former National Vice-President), who presented the proposal, were appointed Managers of the CBCA Awards Foundation and heads of the National CBCA AF Committee. This committee was made up of representatives from all CBCA Branches. 


Andrew Forsyth, who was at the time a partner of Deacon Graham and James, provided the necessary legal framework to establish the Awards Foundation and to seek tax deductibility. He and his assistant Gillian Mary Lyons initiated the establishment of the Awards Foundation and the writing of the Trust Deed. He presented the case for listing the Foundation as a Charity with the NSW Department of Racing and Gambling; and to the Federal Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, the case for the Foundation’s inclusion on the Register of Cultural Organisations; and to the Federal Treasurer the case for tax deductibility of donations to the Foundation. All was done on a pro bono basis. Registration and tax deductibility were granted in July 1996.


The CBCA Awards Foundation is listed as a tax deductible fund on the Register of Cultural Organisations under Subdivision 30-B of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (Cth). All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. This notice must be printed on all receipts and donation forms. Failure to do so can lead to disendorsement


The Awards Foundation is GST exempt and no BAS statement is required. No GST is included in amounts given as prizes.


The Awards Foundation was listed on the Australian Business Register as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Part of the Awards Foundation’s on-going responsibility is to prepare a six-monthly statistical return of tax-deductible donations and send to ROCO in Canberra. Currently this is the responsibility of the Manager.


The managers worked on a professional 16-page prospectus. All writing, design and typesetting was done at no cost and 2000 were printed free by McPherson’s Printing Group. Australia Post provided 2000 post-free envelopes. The prospectus included many quotes from prominent authors and public figures who supported the campaign plus a donation form. A meeting was held with the Philanthropy Society and advice was received on how to access philanthropic organisations and individuals to secure donations.

The prospectus was mailed out to all Australian publishers, all authors and illustrators and others in the book trade. Prospective donors were told that Major Donors ($5000 +) and Benefactors ($20,000.00 +) would be permanently acknowledged on all CBCA printed and electronic matter, including websites, newsletters and especially anything pertaining to the awards. The largest Benefactor is Scholastic, who contributed $50,000. The list of Benefactors and Major Donors can be found on the CBCA website.


Several fund-raising campaigns were established. One of the largest was collecting donated original artwork from most of Australia’s illustrators. A catalogue was prepared and this was circulated around CBCA branches and elsewhere. An exhibition was held in Sydney and many pieces sold. The one-million dollar goal was reached in 2005. Fund-raising has continued.


Since its inception funds in the Awards Foundation were deposited and managed by Macquarie Bank. However, at the CBCA AGM in Melbourne the National Treasurer, Ted Russell, proposed that the investments should be managed by Vanguard Investments. This was approved so therefore funds were transferred to Vanguard and have been with this company ever since. Distributions are transferred into the CBCA account at Macquarie Bank, but all donations are held separately in the Commonwealth donations account and funds regularly transferred from this to Vanguard investments.